Letting Go

Every breath we take is a letting go: breathe in,,,,, let go,,,,,breathe in,,,,let go…. Every wave builds up energy and releases it on to the shore. The heart contracts and relaxes every second or so. Likewise, in our mental world, releasing happens naturally too, unless we hold on. Sensations, thoughts and feelings arise and flow through awareness leaving space for what is actually here now.

This  site aims to provide images and words that inspire a letting go to a larger whole; to something deeper, richer and higher than we usually experience. Constriction and resistance can be let go of with some very simple techniques, releasing ourselves to a place of calm clarity, unfiltered by preconceptions, ego, habit and cultural bias. This open and free awareness is our natural state. When we let go of artificial limitations what remains is open, spacious, easeful and intelligent.


Contact Michael  for one on one, or group releasing sessions in person, by phone or Skype. Typically sessions are around 30 minutes. The first session is always free.


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Welcoming is a release because, when we welcome something, we stop fighting and resisting it. We see it and accept it for what it is.  We tend to think that resistance  will make our issue go away.  But really, in order to resist something, we have to hold on to it; we feed it energy.  When we let go of resisting, and allow, we stop fighting what already is. Then we can use our energy to create our lives from clarity and purpose. When we let go of futile resistance we can  take decisive action to accomplish what actually can be done in any given circumstance.

Welcoming is a great release that we can do all through the day while we are active, or we can take a minute to ourselves and focus on welcoming a particular issue.

- Bring to mind the issue that you would like to work on. Just let all the pictures, sounds, stories and memories that come up be here......... They already are here, so let them be here........Just welcome them as best you can......welcome them with your heart as well as the head..... Open and allow......

Now, notice any wanting to fix, or change  or do something about that issue..... any wanting it to go away, or to bring it closer,....... allow the feelings that arise to be here....... welcome them as best you can........let it all just be here ................'

Now, just let go. Allow it all to fall away.  And you don't need to know how to let go, or even what to let go of. Just simply let go in this moment....... Allow yourself a little holiday for right now.............Just let yourself be......and be......and be..........

Repeat several times until there is a feeling of some spaciousness and more ease around the issue.